Engraved Spectral Aeons Lyrics


The dybbuk is both being and place, an abyss that inhabits a specter. Enthralled in a ceaseless cycle of destruction and decay, it cleaves souls from bodies, self-cannibalizes the possessed, and falls back into itself, dragging the damned within.



Abysmal being, away from sanctum

A butcher of stolen memories

Lips sewn tight to silence the lies

Quiescent in paralyzing misery

We drag the damned

Through blackened rain

Empty eyes glow

In the light of the moon

To end this wretched horror

We surrender a lost soul

To release the vile spirit

We sacrifice the possessed

Bound by blood

(Bound by blood)

As you kneel before me

(As you kneel before us)

Skin its flesh, remove the organs

(Crack the ribs, remove the organs)

Bones to dust, flesh to flames

(Burn the flesh)

Black ashes to the wind

Murderous fate, inherited death

Unhallowed sacrifice

Torn away from life

(Demonic, Demonic, Demonic)

Demonic hands guide your spirit through the rain

Expel the fiend

Release the curse

Banish the beast

End the torment

Hexes sung toward the sky

Ancient spells, unholy hymns

Brings the conjuration to culmination

To suffer endless pain is your fate for eternity



As a mist inhaled through its lungs, I seep into the marrow. Forming spectral attachments to the body,

I write damnation in its blood. Through weak flesh and mind I enter, forever erasing any hope. I consume this angry bitter soul, and bite through the silver cord. POSSESS-ATTACH-CONSUME-SEVER.

Shivering souls licking unholy wounds, lost in darkness, trapped within me. Searching for empyrean firmament, wandering without light forever. I encase myself in the flesh, seizing control of the body.

Breaking the anima paradigm, one withering spirit at a time. IMPRISON-CONTROL-DESTROY-REPEAT.


Body after body, ingesting their remains. Soul after soul, absorbing their vitality. Never to escape endless damnation written within their cursed blood.



Clawing through charred walls, souls are trampled. With every movement they disintegrate , becoming one with my abyss. I ingest the lost souls. They aimlessly wander my endless chambers. Their senses converge. Ravenous darkness, blindingly starved. Each consumes the ashen smoke of the fragmented damned. Decaying sentient particles, becoming one with my walls, clawed through by ethereal hands.

I search the tangled skein, untying knotted lives.

Unfinished souls in life’s tapestry, forgotten threads without destinies. Brutalizing life as I defile flesh to embody and cannibalize. An undetected flaw in the filament. I lick a silver cord and I tie the snare, ending pathetic and unlived moments. The soul, a noose to the unaware.

Within the framework of divine constructs, I see the decay. Every consumed soul, each stolen life, an act of reprisal. Immortality, a mockery of divinity. Beyond amaranthine embrace, a wicked, pathetic being.

Stolen lives within such delicate encasements. Energy to take from decomposing meat. Tissues die from within; micro-tears breaking down.

Disgusting putrid being: I rot as I breathe but death does not come slow. A weak child lost in the dark without a pulse. My cold fingers rip through the skin. People shriek at my state. A trail of gore down its back. Freeing the self-butchered marionette from the silver knot that binds it.



Cancer cleanses the purity from its body: systematic purging

Demonic code activated through ancient scripts: disease infecting disease

Terminating all fighting against my design

Writhing in violent and painful creation

Twisting a sovereign insubstantial being

Against its own will, it will break for me

This impermanent cage of meat, blood, and bones

Manufacturing inhuman wicked forms

Flesh amalgamates into my abyss

Ashes of the damned flowing through my veins

Ominous transmissions in its blood

The internal torment of perdition

No sign of resistance is found

The marrow chooses the great evil within

Under daemonic control

See through the bleeding eyes

Spiritual dereliction, your soul burns

Incantations whispered towards the sky

Your time has come (Your time has come)

Converse with the audient void within

Your time has come



Screaming from within my veins

Ancient voices, they demand

—Cut yourself, release us from your marrow—

With their devices I inscribe spectral designs: carved archaic markings upon the flesh

A scripture radiating from my bones

Guide the shards of stone,

Spectral lines guide my hands

Penetrating to the soul ageless symbols

Release the spirits through pathetic tissue

Rupture from my skin

Disintegrate my spirit my soul turns to dust

As it leaves my body

Voices scream from my veins

A thousand souls drip to the ground

Every drop brings me closer to the abyss

Open wounds glowing bright

Soul penetrates the flesh

Multitudes of painful cries flow through my garnet fluid

Æeons of suffering; an eternity sacrificed

As I release the iridescent inner self

Penetrating to the soul, ageless symbols

Release the spirits through pathetic tissue

Open wounds glowing bright

Soul penetrating the flesh

Multitudes of painful cries flow through my garnet fluid

Æeons of suffering; an eternity sacrificed as I release the iridescent inner self



Remain as ash in the air

Inhaled, fill me as I filled you

Injected into veins, deep in my blood stream

(Injected into veins, deep in my blood stream)

Bring me to my (End)

Picture Box Lyrics


The world evanesces behind transient incidents sheathed in prismatic distortion

Darkness, almost material,

shatters deceitful angelic spheres

Worn stones faded

Immortality abandoned for writhing bodies

Agonized fabrications

Twisted faces

Breathing fables enraptured by untouched infinities

Antiquities among an ageless flock of wandering stars

Images echoed in dreams

Antiquities among autonomous instruments

Wandering stars

Archetypal constructs

Ancient rivers

Iridescent tears flowing from ocular pores

In their image I create as I speak these words

Voices expelled into empty halls

In their image I create as I speak these words

Idle hours of a false dawn



Within her bleeding walls she lays to rest mountains of breathing flesh

Consuming discarded dreams nothing can nullify her appetite

Within her domain relics are hidden behind semi-open doors

The great deceiver

A queen of open sores

From fecal lips she exerts her control

Pulses shake the foundation

Beads of sweat wash away the traces

On her throne, buried in sand, she demands tithing of herb and leaf

She kneels at her altar of self-belief

Her body is an institution for wayward sons

Her mouth disempowers all who hear her words

The queen is dead

Drag her through the streets

Bury her in middle earth

Take her to the sea

Drown the lies in endless waves

Cover her stench with smoky sage



With every step I take I become displaced

I linger, I wonder why

The ringing of the bells they draw me closer to a place away from my-self

I’m clouded by aureolin confinement

I still taste its disease

My lips, my incessant prose

What holds me here I – I

The Aeon within - beyond mortality

From within an essence – beyond my-self

Searching for a ghost – of a life unlived, I remain unmoved



I am shame swathed in tomes of fractured ethics

Bleeding discourses from my gums

-my mouth- singed by vocalizations of disrepute

Veins pulsating, phantasmagoria circulates through archaic neural structures

The dual flow is only one way

As I deplete myself of terms

The cool depths of symbolic limits erupt, one system replaces another

Through Primal magick I bridge gaps between walls

Uniting ghosts with the material -nonexistent spirits- from unknowable æther

My Flesh, a mirror reflecting waves of air never signified

The dual flow is only one way

As I deplete myself of terms

The cool depths of symbolic limits erupt, one system replaces another

I am Entombed in a simulated self

From above I observe the repetitious descent

To myself I expel a fickle sacrifice, the negative foundation of massacred empires

Into a sea of sand I dive, falling into lost moments and manufactured memories

In seconds I crack

Shards disintegrate, ending a worthless life, like broken glass shattering



A flash of white light, a jolt pulsating through me, subjugating my soul, pulling me into nothing

Immobilized, descending into abstraction—a vacuous and infinite void falling into itself without motion

I am the void, I am descending into eternal stasis

Inert, alone, immobilized, descending into abstraction—a vacuous and infinite void falling into myself without motion

Stripped of my mortal shell

Loss of self and enmity

No perception or emotion

All senses failing

I the self the separation

Of myself from carnality

I the self the separation

And dismemberment of

My soul—a symbol of faith

Fear of insignificance, the absence of consciousness, the cessation of thoughts, the severance of awareness

Imaginings through mental activity gone

The defragmentation of myself from all realities, all combining into a single sentient entity

On this eternal descent I am erased from all memories

All moments altered to their purest state

Every particle is replaced

I no longer exist in finite space

I feel the release of clarity as I fluctuate in and out of time

Each consciousness binding to another

Until I am one, until they are gone

Destroy, rewrite, rebuild

Until all is known

Underneath the coil that ties the beginning to the end

An eclipse is formed so bright the infernal blaze blinds unseeing eyes

I pervert the process of reformation severing all connection to carnality, without body or mind, endlessly sifting through realities to find nothing

I am nothing

I will be nothing

And I see